London Bridge to Greenwich

Being able to spend an entire walk following the course of a river is a real treat for the soul and especially so for any London dweller who thinks they know the Thames but has yet to physically trace its sinuous course out of the City.

Quirky statues, a mad miscellany of architecture, narrowboats, ancient wharves and fragments of history with stories related to Brunel; two heroic but unheralded social reformers; Peter The Great; The Cutty Sark and Nelson.  And for those that like drooling over property, an almost endless chain of apartment developments, all variations on the glitzy but curiously vague promise of achieving that mysterious condition known as a ‘riverside lifestyle’.

This section of the Thames Path out of London is a particularly colourful amble. Richly served with cafés and pubs it’s an easy walk but one that is long enough to justify setting aside the best part of the day, all the better to soak up the wide river views, stories and intriguing characters.

Route Summary

Easy/Moderate / 4 out of 10

Worth setting aside the best part of a day to relax, visit pubs, shops and cafes and take it all in…

5.6 miles / 9 kilometres

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Surrey Quays

The Thames Path

Follow this spectacular section of the Thames Path all the way out of London soaking up the wide river views, stories and intriguing characters…

Dr Salter's Daydream

Curious Statues & Stories

The route is dotted with curios, from the enigmatic Dr Salter’s Daydream (above) to the complex mash-up of Sunbeam Weekly and the Pilgrim’s Pocket to the charmingly tiny-headed Peter the Great Statue >>

St Saviour’s Dock and the Devil’s Neckerchief

Historic Docks & Glorious Quays

You will traverse many of the old docks and quays, all of which have now become a near continuous run of ‘riverside development’, but each with their own signature trades and connections>>

Christopher Marlowe Murder in Deptford

Murder & Mayhem in Deptford

As you cross Deptford Creek, many of the messy, murky and magnificent stories of British naval history can be traced back to this harbour, including the intriguing murder of Christopher Marlowe>>

The Cutty Sark

Legends of the Seas

Ending your walk at the maritime legend that is Greenwich, you will encounter the remarkable adventurer Joseph Bellot; not to mention Nelson and the spectacular landmark, now a cliche of tourism, the Cutty Sark, which deserves a look with fresh eyes>>

Begin Walk

Start: London Bridge Station


On leaving London Bridge station head for the Tooley Street exit. Cross over Tooley Street and head right towards Hayes Galleria. Head through the Galleria on any route to the river; the Thames Path is signposted from there.

Keep the river on your left and head towards Tower Bridge.


The directions onwards are simply to keep to the Thames Path with the river on your left.

At some points, much further on, the path diverts away from the river; for guidance here are some tips:

  • In Rotherhithe, after heading through streets, you will pick up your path up a small flight of steps directly opposite the Rotherhithe Street Co-op.
  • After Surrey Docks Farm and Café, a row of low modern houses ends at a tall apartment block Imperial Court. The right turn sign is missing here so without passing Imperial Court, turn right down the sloping road to leave the river and follow the signs onwards tracking the route of the river.
  • Again, shortly after Surrey Quays the route heads through Pepys Park and takes you through council developments to Sayes Park (which you should pass through to catch the Mulberry Tree).  From here you follow the Thames Path signs onwards, arriving at Water Gate Street and Twinkle ParkContinue on past the end of Twinkle Park to again pick up the signposted route.

It won’t matter if you miss any turns as the Path is easily located and well known to locals.

Keep an eye out for the following features which you can read about in the links below

Browse more walks…

Lucky you. I’ve walked several thousand miles of footpaths and city streets to distil out a choice selection of rambles for everyone to enjoy. There is no way of knowing whether a walk is worth doing except by walking the route every step of the way; a lot of terrible walks, dull vistas, and frankly boring trudges have been endured and discarded. Lucky me, I love walking and being outside so it’s all been worth it. I hope you can find the time to explore a route or two.

"Everywhere is within walking distance if you create the time..."

Princes Risborough to Wendover - LOHO Walk

No 1 : Princes Risborough to Wendover


Leaving habitation behind you, spend the day following one of Britain’s most ancient trackways dating back 5000 years, possibly much further...

Home Park and The Long Water

No 2 : Hampton Court to Richmond


A favourite walk bookended by the imposing Hampton Court Palace and the bare remains of Richmond Palace, along the Thames path and through diverse parks and meadows...

Primrose Hill

No 3 : Three London Parks


Easy walking, people-watching in the parks, and chi-chi 'villages' ending on the splendid views and rambling of Hampstead Heath...

Newington Green Terraces

No 4 : Newington Green to Smithfield


An idiosyncratic trail of visual and historical curiosities taking in radicals, rebels and assorted contrarians along the way...

Dr Salter's Daydream

No 5 : London Bridge to Greenwich


A real treat for the soul, spending an entire walk following the course of the River Thames from the heart of the old City...

Otford Village

No 6 : Eynsford to Otford


A perennial favourite to introduce self-identifying 'non-walkers'. Stunning views of the length of the Darenth Valley,  an impressive Roman Villa, a 'castle', a 'palace' and three typically Kentish villages...

Otford Village

No 7 : Eynsford Circular via Shoreham

I MODERATE I 8.2 - 9.1m/13.3 - 14.8km

A longer cousin of Walk No. 6, this route follows the lovely Darenth Valley on its western slopes and returns along the valley bottom. A landscape of hills, open views and a riverine return with a choice of picnic, pub or vineyard for the lunch stop...

Meopham Green and Windmill

No 8 : Sole Street Circular

I MODERATE I 8.8m/14.2km

Continuously undulating chalk hills and farmland welcome you with vineyards and gorgeous valley views, including a welcome and timely lunch stop at a splendid Kentish scene of a windmill and pub overlooking the local cricket pitch...


Meopham Green and Windmill

No 9 : Guildford St Martha's Church Circular

WATERLOO  I  MODERATE  I  7.7m/12.4km

Along the meandering River Wey via an old watermill to an ascent along ancient pilgrim paths under open skies and woodland, tracking the North Downs Way and the Pilgrims' Way, including an aerobic climb to the perfectly located St Martha’s Chapel for a rest and lunch...


No 10 : Greenwich to London Bridge via Limehouse & Wapping


The sister walk to Route 5.

Follow the north bank’s Thames Path all the way from the Isle of Dogs to the City through a random procession of history and eccentricity…